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For more than 20 years I have been selling my pattern booklets about Viking age clothing, and they are still kept up-to-date with new finds and interpretations.

Until my webshop is up and running, you can buy my booklets either via my resellers (links further below) or by sending me an email or contacting me via Facebook (links in the upper right corner or left side of the page).

These links go to pages with more information about the contents of my booklets:


Each booklet includes at least four reconstructed garments or items, with the following information:

Background information for each reconstruction with information on what we know and more importantly, what we don’t know

Clear instructions with supporting instructional pictures

Where applicable: patterns in scale 1:10 or connected to personal measurements when more suitable.
Exception: the booklets Smaller Garments and Children’s Clothing have patterns in scale 1:1.

Where applicable: Pictures to show how to place all pattern pieces on the fabric for cutting


When you follow these links you come to those of my resellers which have webshops:

Are you interested in selling my patterns? Please contact me via the email link in the upper right corner.


Don’t forget to look in the Tips menu to find help and tips that supports your sewing.


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  2. wayne conron

    Hi I would like to purchase your pattern books but seem to be having some trouble with your list of resellers

    • Hi Wayne,

      you can purchase my booklets directly from me if you want to. They cost $8.5 per booklet, plus shipping. You can pay via bank transfer or Paypal.
      What kind of problems did you have with my list? Did the links not work?

      Best Regards,
      Susanna Broomé

      • Chanel McCoy

        I think the problem the other person above was having is the same I had. It reads as though we can purchase and/or download by clicking the link, but that isn’t the case and there is no explanation as to how to purchase. I would like to purchase a couple of the booklets, please.

        • Hi Chanel, I will continue the conversation via email.

          • Finally I understood what the problem was so now the page is updated to make things clearer. Hopefully I will have my webshop up and running before the winter is over.

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