Seams and Stitches

Seams and Stitches is not a pattern booklet but an instruction booklet, but it is closely connected to my pattern booklets. Of course it is absolutely possible to sew your Viking age garments on a sewing maching, but if you want to sew them by hand, and I strongly recommend it based on how true to the period it feels, then you can read about how to do it here.


In Seams and Stitches I give instructions on how to sew all the common seams and some more uncommon, and also techniques for how to manage common details. You also get tips on which tools and accessories true to period you can use. Everything is described in instructional text and clear pictures. And of course everything is based on long experience and archaeological finds, just as usual.

You can read about this:

  • The Sewing Box
  • Basic Stitches
  • Common Hems
  • Fell Seams
  • Split Seams
  • Rounded Hems and Slit Ends
  • Gore Tops
  • Corners
  • Uncommon Hems
  • Viborg Seam
  • Gathering

And a page can look like this:


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