For more than 20 years I have been selling my pattern booklets about Viking age clothing, and they are still kept up-to-date with new finds and interpretations.

You can buy my booklets in my webshop or via my resellers (links further below).

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These links go to pages with more information about the contents of my booklets:

I still have plans for more booklets. These are on my priority list:

  • Dyeing with Plants
  • The Skjoldehamn Find
  • Embroidery from Finds

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Each booklet includes at least four reconstructed garments or items, with the following information:

Background information for each reconstruction with information on what we know and more importantly, what we don’t know

Clear instructions with supporting instructional pictures

Where applicable: patterns in scale 1:10 or connected to personal measurements when more suitable.
Exception: the booklets Smaller Garments and Children’s Clothing have patterns in scale 1:1.

Where applicable: Pictures to show how to place all pattern pieces on the fabric for cutting

The booklets giving patterns and instructions for textile handicraft techniques have a more varied content. See the page for each booklet for more information.

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When you follow these links you come to those of my resellers which have webshops:

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