New Booklet about Tablet Weaving

tabletweavingLast spring I thought that I had finished all my booklets, that this was not the case it showed. During autumn both my parents died and I realized that tablet weaving was very therapeutical. Since I am me, I wanted to weave bands after finds and I found out that even if most Viking age tablet woven bands are quite complicated, there were a few simple bands suitable for beginners, but not very well known. When I had studied them, interpreted them and tried weaving them  a few times I realized that I had material for one more booklet. It is now ready and sent for printing, so I hope it will be available for everyone within two weeks.

When the booklet is available I also plan to start selling try-it-kits with warped and started bands from the booklet, to helping people getting started with tablet weaving. I hope that you will apprieciate my news!


  1. Where can I purchase this booklet?

  2. Hello,
    I am very interested in learning the weaving/ hand knitting/ sprung techniques .
    You mentioned that you will soon be compiling and producing a book of al Scandinavian weaves.
    I’d like to know what you will be calling it and the approximate release date.
    Additionally, how will I know when it is available and who will contact me so I can make the purchase.
    Please send any information that you feel I will benefit from and what I can do to learn or practice in the mean time. Thanks so much for your time and patience with my questions.
    I just recently discovered through DNA analysis that I have a large Scandinavian heritage!
    I’m very excited to learn the culture! Thank you!

    • Hi Anne,
      I have a booklet about nalbinding, the techniques used by the Vikings instead of knitting. You can order it from me.
      Regarding sprang and weaving, I have ideas about booklets but no firm plans yet. At the moment I am releasing Cords and Braids next week and Plant Dyeing 1, about dyeing with mordants, is planned for this autumn. Next year I will release books or booklets about Vendel period clothing.

      Best Regards,

      • Susanna,
        Thanks for the information.
        I am new to all this terms.
        Help me understand if the book you are about to release will give instructions for sprang?
        Thank you.

        • The booklet about Cords and Braids will have instructions for a very simple variety of sprang, used to make narrow sprang braids, based on finds from Birka.

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