Seams and Stitches – new booklet

My completely new instruction booklet on Viking age seams and stitches is now finally at the printer and is expected to be available at my resellers next week.

Seams and Stitches describe Viking age sewing technique with instructional pictures and clear textual instructions. Here your can learn Viking age seams, but also details like slits, gathering and gores. Everything is as usual based on long experience and archaeological finds.

To sew your Viking age garments by hand, in the same way it was done by our ancestors, doesn’t only give a look more true to the period, but also a special feeling and pride. It takes longer than sewing by machine naturally, but it is absolutely not undoable and it is well worth the time spent.

Nowadays I see sewing as a handicraft in itself, just as worthy of a revival as e.g. blacksmithing and woodwork. I have therefore had a wonderful time when first reading all about, and then testing what I read, to learn all about how the sewing handicraft was performed more than 1000 years ago. I hope you will have just as fun as I did!


  1. I would to read your booklets. Do you have anyone in the United States that sells them?

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