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Now you can find me on Pinterest too. I have created the following pinboards to collect the best stuff regarding Viking age clothing:

  1.  Viking age clothing – reconstructions
    Really good reconstructions made by other people; “approved by Susanna Broomé”
  2. Viking age clothing – textile finds
    Pictures of many of the textile remains that are used as the basis for reconstructions made by me and other people
  3. Viking age clothing – jewellery
    Original brooches, pearls and other jewellery
  4. Viking age clothing – accessories
    Original remains and good reconstructions of shoes, belts, pouches etc.
  5. Viking age clothing – figurines and pictures
    Figurines and other pictures that may be relevant when reconstructing Viking age clothing
  6. Vendel age clothing
    Anything from the Vendel age related to clothing. Today mostly figurines and jewellery.

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